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 The 1st Ever 
Malaysia Performance
Online Training Course

Produce by SFL Performance Center

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What you will learn in this course:

1. How to hit 2 birds with 1 stone 

All workout programs help people to get into better body shape, but there's something missing in it... 

Do you know you can achieve great body shape and improve athletism by doing performance training? 

Do you know we all need the ability to move fast and agile in many life situations? Saving your baby from falling, Catching your balance in one leg instead hurting your ankle, and maybe continue to play the sport that you love when you're 30s, 40s or even 50s? 

2. How to "Warm-Up" properly to progress efficiently 

Everyone understand "Warm-Up" is crucial for injury prevention or for a better performance in workout. But do you know how? do you know where to start from?

Do you know that static stretching can reduce your power output by 3%? If this is the case, what for repeating the same mistake again and again?

3. How to to plan your workout schedule 

One of the common questions i get most of the time...

"Coach, how many times i have to workout in a week in order to see result?" 


My answer... PLAN ONE OFF DAY FIRST before3 you plan your workout days. 

Why? Come for this FREE COURSE, i have all the answer for you!

   Satisfied Client Testimonial   

   This 15 years SFL Coach Keen had trained over 1,000 athletes & general populations   

  around the world and more than 100 reviews in our facebook & google.    

Value worth $299 - Register now for FREE

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