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To Experience SFL Performance Training At Home

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to bring this proven system to more people! 


Vertical Jump and Agility are more for performance enhancement, for people like you who have the base of training experience (perhaps 1 year of consistent strength training) to bring your game to the next level!

It is not “40x Jumping exercises” or “40x Agility Ladder Drills” that’s going to make you jump more or move your feet more. 

“More is Not Better”!

Athleticism: born or made?

A head coach is going to handle everything has become a common sport culture in Malaysia.  As an ex-national athlete that didn’t have a strength coach to work with, this made Coach Keen used to believe that athleticism is “genetic”.


Is it true by saying that 'You only get what you have when the moment you step on the court"?

After diving into the Strength and Conditioning industry, attending workshops around the world and accumulating years of experiences in working with all levels of athletes and seeing their improvement, it urges Coach Keen and SFL to believe that is the time

Basketball Hoop

What will I learn from Athlete Series Program ?

In the SFL Athlete Series Online Program, we designed Vertical Jump and Agility which each 

consists around 40 exercises. 


It involves dynamic warm-up to reduce the risks of injuries and strength training as the base of explosive training. Besides, it also includes specific drills that help you to jump higher and agile!


More importantly, simple coaching cues to help you understand why you’re doing it and how to get it right asap! 

“Better understanding leads to better intention, better intention leads to better attention to details”.

Special notice to everyone who signs up for SFL Online Programs:


Once you sign up for this online program, SFL will continuously design more programs and upgrade them to advance levels. You will able to enjoy them for lifetime by only paying ONCE. 

For the first 30 sign up members, you’re going to get a 30 mins FREE consultation call with our coaches to guide you how to use the program properly and more effectively! 

It's suitable for 

Key Elements


Sport lover

Youth & Adult athlete

Dynamic Warm-up

(to reduce risk of injuries)

Strength Training

(the base of explosive training)

Special drills to jump higher & agile 

More is NOT Better

Say Goodbye to 'No Pain No Gain' mentality


Vertical Jump



  • Building foundation base for long term athletic development

  • Mastering jumping and landing mechanics 

  • Understanding how strength and core also part of the puzzle for ultimate vert power 

  • Building effective base to athletic agility 

  • Breakdown of key success to athletes agility performance

  • Mastering the detail and comprehensive techniques to improve quickness and injury prevention







Agility Ladder*

Slippers or Cones

Normal Backpack

Level : Basic, Intermediate*

Each Level : 3-4 weeks

Each Week : 2-3 days

Each Session : 60 min

Total exercises : 30 / level

* Coming to you soon!

Level : Basic, Intermediate*

Each Level : 4 weeks

Each Week : 3 days

Each Session : 60 min

Total exercises : 30 / level

* Coming to you soon!



RM 298**

(lifetime, save RM 990) 

**Sign Up Now to get EXTRA :

  • Free 30 minutes 1-1 online consultation (for first 30 sign up only)

  • 10% OFF of 1-Month Trial Training @ SFL 

  • Lifetime access to UMLIMITED programs under athlete series

  • Access to Private Discussion Group


Pro Tool Pack

RM 208


  • it includes roller, miniband, powerband and agility ladder

  • delivery fee is FREE OF CHARGE

A message from SFL Coaches

Course Preview


Before you start

So before the day to come, we have something for you NOW to start working on your BASE.


“Wait for the time to come” is not a choice, create something valuable for you all and start doing something smart and progressively is the goal.


This “something” is the years of try and errors, failures and accomplishments, experiences and victories that accumulated into one piece for you!

Yes, there is NO One Size Fit All program. We strongly agree and that’s what Coaches in SFL Performance Center is trying so hard to do for Malaysia S&C Industry to customise training programs for each and every single sport’s athlete.


We hope more and more athletes are able to attend training in SFL Performance Center to work with our coaches, in order to achieve your max potential!


Preferred Training Day and Time
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