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Move well and move often


When it comes to fitness, many people often focus on doing more instead of doing it right – opting for the latest exercise trends without building a solid movement foundation. 

At SFL, we hold fast to one motto: Move well, and move often.

With our world-class coaching in an all-in-one performance system and centre, SFL aims to empower you with movement training. 

Why movement training? It mirrors how human beings were built to move, with all joints and muscles working in tandem for constant motion.

Where more conventional training methods often put too much emphasis on form over function, movement training will enable you to perform better, be less injury-prone, and improve your quality of life – regardless of your age. 

In his 12-year journey in fitness and sport performance, SFL founder and former national basketball player Keen learned that there is always a better way to train. 

This holds true for both clients looking to become more physically fit, or athletes wanting to extend their career lifespan.

Here at SFL, out custom designed training programmes and excellent service standards will allow you to do just that.



Performance Training Set-up


Cuckoo Water Dispenser

Abec Coffee

WiFi Connection

Friendly Coaches

Shower & Hairdryer

Parking Space


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