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To Experience SFL Performance Training At Home



I used to follow free workout videos on Youtube, but it was too much for me as a beginner, should I continue? 


If anyone of the questions pop up in your mind, then this SFL Online Program is created for you!


The SFL Performance Center founder, Coach Keen has been in the industry for the past 14 years. After diving into various training systems , working with all levels of athletes and different backgrounds and needs of sport amateur and general public, he develops this RESULT PROVEN training system in :

  • Enhancing performance

  • Reducing the risks of injuries

  • Achieving quality of lifestyle


Now, we are bringing this program through online to you!!!  This Malaysia's First Ever Online Program :

  • Functional Training Program

  • Athlete Series : Vertical Jump & Agility 


You can literally train at home, your own gym or at the park, with some simple home tools, to experience how SFL training is!


TRY IT OUT NOW! First 30  signed up members will get a FREE 30-min online consultation with our coaches!

I stepped into the gym thinking to start my workout, but there is too much equipment, which one should I start with?


I hurt myself last time in a workout program, I'm so afraid to start again.I just have no idea how hard I should train myself.

Check it out !

Athlete Series

SFL Online Program_Website Banner_Functi

Total Body Strength Training

SFL Online Program_Website Banner_Vertic

How to increase 4 inches vert in 4 weeks?

SFL Online Program_Website Banner_Agilit

The secret behind agility

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