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To Experience SFL Performance Training At Home

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What is Functional Strength?

This is a workout series to train your body to perform daily activities and movements with ease and to lessen the risk of injuries.

This series will not only lead you to potentially getting your dream physique but is a STEP BY STEP guide in learning the importance of exercise techniques - total body compound exercises, are what we are talking about!

Some training philosophies in SFL:
Move Well First, Then Move Often

We believe that movement is the foundation of quality lifestyle.

Squat Well First! Before Squating Heavy or Doing High Reps

Lifting weights without proper movement foundation/techniques means that you are putting weights on a dysfunctional platform. And that will lead to injury.

Cross Fit Class

What will I learn from the Functional Strength program?

In the SFL Functional Strength Online Program, we’re going to guide you to learn the key components of movement foundation.


We will start from foam rolling the total body to loosen up the stiff joint from sitting all day long, mobility and stability exercises, and dynamic warm-up. 

Then we are moving on to power exercise. Many people thought that only athlete need power training , while we forget that power is what you’re going to lose first before strength due to inactivity and lack of

power training.

In life, we need to move rapidly in a daily basis to catch your phone or a glass falling to the ground, to chase your kid to play with them.

Train for it to retain it, rather than saying “I’m too old for this.


At last, we end in tri-set of strength training and core or mobility exercises. More importantly, each session is going to be done in only 60 mins per day! 

It‘s suitable for 

Key Elements


General Public

Sport Amateur

Semi / Pro Athlete

Movement foundation

Functional strength

 Core stability

Reducing risk of injuries

Move Well First, Then Move Often

Say Goodbye to 'No Pain No Gain' mentality

A message from SFL Coaches


Course Preview

This program includes 

Level : Basic, Intermediate*, Advance*

Each Level : 4 weeks

Each Week : 2-3 days

Each Session : 60 min

Total exercises : 60 / level

RM 298**

(lifetime, save RM 730)


* Coming to you soon!

  • FREE 30-min 1-1 online consultation (for FIRST 30 sign up ONLY)

  • 10% OFF of 1-Month Trial Training @ SFL

  • LIFETIME access to UNLIMITED levels under functional strength program

  • Access to Private Discussion Group

Tools needed





Big Water Bottle



RM 108

  • it includes roller, miniband and powerband

  • delivery fee is FOC


The key here is there is NO “No Pain No Gain” mentality in SFL Training Program.


You don’t have to train till die or puke any session. Just train till 1% out of your comfort zone.  Stop anytime when you feel is too much, then the next session come

back again and push another 1% harder than the last session, that’s it!


You are your own coach, and we believe you have made up your mind to make progress in fitness when you decided to sign up for the SFL Online Program! 

Before you start


Preferred Training Day and Time
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