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First Published: 14th Apr 2021; Last Update: 27th Apr 2021, 4:38pm

Summary on COVID-19 Updates

First Published: 14th Apr 2021; Last Update: 27th Apr 2021, 4:38pm

  • Trainer A went for 2nd test on 25th Apr 2021 after 14 days of self quarantine at home. He is tested NEGATIVE back to work on 27th Apr 2021.

  • Client A, C, D, E & F are all tested NEGATIVE on their second test

  • Training/Enquiry: WhatsApp us at 019-9943441

Trainers & Staff

1st Test on 14th Apr 2021:   


  • Received test result on the same day at 11:53pm.

2nd Test on 25th Apr 2021:

  • Trainer A: Negative

  • Result received on the next day.

Client A-F
(team based)







*All quarantine at home.

*All tested NEGATIVE on their 2nd test.

Same session clients

9 Apr (Fri)

Client 1: Not taking test, healthy

Client 2: Not taking test, healthy

10 Apr (Sat)

Client 3: NEGATIVE

Client 4: No taking test, healthy

*These clients are NOT considered as closed contact under the definition of KKM, because they were keeping social distancing during workout.

Important Announcement on 

COVID-19 Updates

First Published: 15th Apr 2021, 5:55pm

Dear SFL Member,

1. Good News. All trainers & staff are NEGATIVE on the Covid-19 test. 


2. We will resume business on 18th April (Sun) after the full sanitization on work according to KKM guideline.


3. However, for a better precautionary measurement, one of our coaches will continue self quarantine at home for 14 days, i.e until 24th April 2021. This is because he was conducting Bench Press exercise for the team, which required closer distance with the confirmed cases. He is healthy and will take the 2nd Covid test after completing the self quarantine period.


4. Status of the 5 SFL Clients (team based): 4 of them POSITIVE, another one NEGATIVE. 


5. Besides, another SFL Clients(team based) who is on the same team with the confirmed cases, is also tested POSITIVE. Other team members all NEGATIVE. 


6. We will open the center starting from this Sun, feel free to book your session as usual. Meanwhile, we also offer REAL TIME ONLINE TRAINING (2 online sessions = 1 on-site session)  from now onwards.Please book through WhatsApp during office hours. 


Stay tune on social media and website for more information.


Our Covid-Result  👉👉👉  CLICK HERE


WhatsApp Booking/Enquiry 019-9943441 👉👉👉  CLICK HERE


Stay safe and healthy!  Can Do!



SFL Team


Important Announcement on 

COVID-19 Updates

First Published: 14th Apr 2021

Dear SFL Member,


We have consciously and strictly practised all necessary SOPs and guidelines by MKN & KKM, especially the social distancing, wearing mask and limited clients per session. However, we are regret to inform you that 3 of our clients were tested POSITIVE of their Covid-test.


After tracing the cases on our own, it mainly started from 5 SFL Clients (team based) went to a bar at PJ with their friend (CASE FREN) on last Thursday (8th April) night. CASE FREN went for a test and found POSITIVE on 9th Apr (Fri).


After that the 5 SFL Clients went for Covid test too. Their result showed 4 of them are tested POSITIVE and one of them was tested NEGATIVE.


Other team members of the 5 SFL Clients went for test. All tested NEGATIVE, while one who was close contact of the 5 SFL clients tested POSITIVE.


We wish those tested POSITIVE all get well soon.

For more details, please read the chronology of event as below.

Until this moment, we do not receive any notice or call from the authorities. Various attempts were made to call them but still fail. However, all bookings of today are cancelled immediately since last night. We also carry out all necessary safety measures including a swab test for all staff and trainers today around 11:30am at BPHealthcare Center. The test results will be out in the next 24-48 hour. 


Besides, we have informed all clients who have the same session with the 5 SFL Clients, though all these clients were kept social distance during their workout indeed. In other words, they do not fit the definition of “CLOSE CONTACT” according to the KKM guideline.


For the safety of our members and employees, we decided to immediately close the premise again from 14th April until 17th April for full and deep disinfection work, and self-quarantine of staff and trainers according to the KKM guideline.The center is expected to resume the business on 18th April onwards depending on the test result of the trainers & staff these few days. 

We apologise for all the inconvenience caused, and will continue to keep you updated here or on social media and website. 


Yeap, SFL really have been going through challenges since last year due to the pandemic. However, with all of your understanding, trust and endless support both physically and mentally, we are able to survive until now. We do believe we will go through these challenges again, and accept this has become our new norm. 


For the Online Coaching booking or any enquiry can reach us through whatsapp:


Stay safe and healthy!  Can Do!



SFL Team


First published: 14th Apr 2021; Last Update: 15th Apr 2021, 3:52pm

For ease of reference, here is the chronology sequence of events that occurred.

Apr 2021

8th (Thur)

  • 5 SFL Clients are team based. They went to ChâteauDeCanter Bar at Petaling Jaya with a friend (hereafter referred to as 'CASE FREN').

  • CASE FREN is not SFL client and has NOT been to SFL before and after this day.

9th (Fri)

  • Based on ChâteauDeCanter Bar's recen announcement, there was another client who went to the bar a day before (7th Apr),  was tested POSITIVE.

12th (Mon)

  • CASE FREN is tested POSITIVE and informed the 5 SFL Clients. 

13th (Tue)

  • The 5 SFL Clients went for Covid Test​.

  • SFL Client A: POSITIVE

  • SFL Client B: NEGATIVE

14th (Wed)

  • SFL Client C: POSITIVE

  • SFL Client D: POSITIVE

  • SFL Client E: POSITIVE

  • SFL Client F: POSITVE

  • Other team members: ALL NEGATIVE

  • SFL Trainers & Staff: ALL NEGATIVE


Which Sessions did they attend?

First Published: 14th Apr 2021; Last Update: 15th Apr 2021, 3:52pm

Screenshot 2021-04-15 at 3.52.00 PM.png

What Actions Have Been Taken?

First Published: 14th Apr 2021

Apr 2021

14th (Wed)

  • All Sessions of the day are cancelled.

  • COVID TEST: All SFL trainers including involved staff (6 pax) went for test around 11:30am. Result will be out within 24 to 48 hours.

  • INFORMED SAME SESSION CLIENTS: All clients who have same session with affected Client A-E were informed, though all of these clients were kept social distancing during their workouts. 

17th (Sat)

  • Sanitization work by Cuckoo WonderKlean started.

  • According to KKM guideline, the workplace only has to be closed for the duration of disinfection and subsequently the workplace may function as normal but with available employees who are not close contacts. 



 First Published: 15th Apr 2021; Updated on: 27 Apr 2021

2nd Covid-19 Test

Screenshot 2021-04-27 at 4.16.23 PM.png

1st Covid-19 Test

SFL BP covid 3rd test.jpg
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