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First published on 5th Jan 2021 ; Lasted Updated : 12:03am, 26th Jan 2021

Summary on COVID-19 Updates

As at 12:03am, 26th Jan 2021

  • Updated on Chronology of the events

  • Case A: In healthy condition and received release letter from Ministry of Health (updated on : 20th Jan Wed)

  • Updated on the test 2 of Client 2: NEGATIVE

  • SFL Trainers & Staff (10 pax) 1st Test : ALL NEGATIVE on 6th Jan 2021.

  • SFL Trainers & Staff (10 pax) 2nd Test: ALL NEGATIVE on 13th Jan 2021.

  • Covid-19 Test Result of Clients who had same training session with Case A as follows

Trainers & Staff

1st Test on 5th Jan 2021:   

  • ALL: Negative

2nd Test on 12th Jan 2021:

  • ALL: Negative

Received result on the next day

Dec 29, 2020


  • Client 1: Negative*, 2nd Test: Negative**

  • Client 2: Negative*, 2nd Test: Negative***

  • Client 3: Negative

*All results as at 6th Jan 2021

**Client 1:2nd Test on 13th Jan 2021

***Client 2: 2nd Test on 1 Jan 2021 

Dec 31, 2020


  • Client 4: In good health condition, not planning to go for test at this moment since all trainers tested NEGATIVE.


  • Client 5: Negative (As as 7th Jan 2021)

Jan 2, 2021


  • Client 7: Self quarantine at home

  • Client 8: Negative (As at 7th Jan 2021)

Important Announcement on 

COVID-19 Updates

As at 5:51pm, 6th Jan 2021

Dear SFL Member,


Update Covid-19 Test Results


Good News. We all are NEGATIVE on the Covid-19 test.


We did the test on 5th Jan, and got the result on 6th Jan 2021 afternoon. All the results show NEGATIVE. This means ALL TRAINERS, including staff at front desk, cleaning, and those staff often in and out SFL are ALL not confirmed cases.

For a better precautionary measurement, ALL TRAINERS and STAFF will take for 2nd test on next week before we resume the business.

We have informed this to all clients who had same sessions with Case A. Some of them took a test and waiting for their result. We will continue to follow up.

We made a call to health authorities (Jabatan Kesihatan) today (6 Jan 2021) again. The officer said as long as the centre is going through sanitisation, and all the trainers are tested negative, all  clients including who those who had same session with Case A, are not necessarily to take the Covid-19 test, unless they have any symptom.



  1. Case A are doing fine now, and still do not appear any serious symptoms. We wish Case A recovery soon. 

  2. Following the advise of KKM, all trainers and staff are undergo SELF QUARANTINE at home now before we go for second Covid-test.

  3. SFL Performance Center will do SANITISATION work tomorrow (7 Jan 2021) according to KKM officers’ advise.

  4. All trainers and staff will do SECOND COVID-TEST before we resume the business.

  5. ONLINE TRAINING BOOKING are START FROM NOW. As usual, 2 online training session are EQUAL to 1 on-site training session. You are strongly advise to continue training at home to keep your, and please book through WhatsApp as usual.

Please stay tune on our social media platform and website for latest update.


We wish all the Covid-19 frontliners, patients and their family members stay strong and stay healthy. May all of us go through these outbreak soon.


Kindest Regards,

SFL Management

5:51pm, 6/1/2021

SFL Trainers & Staff


Tested on : 12th Jan 2021 ; Result : 13th Jan 2021

SFL BP covid test copy (1).jpg

SFL Trainers & Staff


Tested on : 5th Jan 2021 ; Result : 6th Jan 2021

not detected.jpg
not detected 2.jpg
not detected 3.jpg


5:31pm , 5th Jan 2021

Dear SFL Member and the public ,

With heavy heart, one of our members (hereafter referred as ‘Case A’) has tested positive for Covid-19 on 5th Jan 2021, after joining a fitness class at FLYPROJECT on 27th Dec 2020. 


Case A  has no symptoms from that day until today (5th Jan 2021) and was informed by KKM to self-quarantine at home now for further arrangement. 


Case A attended the following training sessions at SFL Performance Center : 

29/12/2020 (Tue) : 730pm to 830pm (4 pax clients, includes Case A)

31/12/2020 (Thu) : 8am to 9am  (2 pax clients, includes Case A)

2/1/2021 (Sat) : 9am to 10am  (3 pax clients, includes Case A)


Based on the information given by health authorities to SFL on 5 Jan 2021, only people who stay with confirmed cases for 2 hours long ,and with a very near distance are considered as CLOSE CONTACT. 


However, we would like to share with you the following important info:

(1) the summary of the sequence of events

(2) precautionary measurement by SFL 

(3) you may also read Management of Close Contacts of Confirmed Case prepared by KKM (other guidelines can read here )

We have sent all our staff and trainers for Covid-19 test this afternoon (5/1/2021) and also informed all suspected close contact clients. 

We will temporarily closed for sanitization work for this week and resume the business until further notice. Meanwhile, we will continue providing Online Coaching service after we get the trainers' result. Please book through WhatsApp (019-9943441) as usual. 

We're really feel sorry for what happened on Case A and wish Case A to get well soon. Also, we deeply apologise to everyone for these inconveniences caused. 

We do really appreciate the support and trust that you put on us and promise to keep all SFL members and the public to be well informed on the status from time to time. 

SFL Management 

5:31pm, 5/1/2021 


First written: 5:31pm , 5th Jan 2021; Last Updated: 12:39am, 13th Jan 2021

For ease of reference, here is the chronology sequence of events that occurred.

27th Dec 2020 (Sun)

  1. Case A attended fitness class at FLYPPROJECT.

4th Jan 2021 (Mon, SFL Off )


  1. CASE A received notification from Class Pass, saying that the instructor of the fitness class was tested positive through a mass testing on 3rd and 2021. 

  2. Case A was urged by the Class Pass to go for Covid-19 test since he might considered as close contact.

  3. Case A has no symptom, and went for the test on the same day.

5th Jan 2021 (Tue)

  1. 1143am: SFL received notification from CASE A that Case A was tested POSITIVE. 

  2. Case A still has no symptom at all, and was instructed by KKM to quarantine at home for further arrangement.

  3. SFL cancelled all following training sessions in the afternoon onwards.

  4. SFL contacted health authorities for further instructions. 

  • We were asked to temporarily closed the center for sanitization work. 

  • Wait for calls from KKM to be identified as Close contact or not. Or those suspected close contacts, like trainers may go for Covid-19 Test at private health facilities to get a faster result, then self-quarantine at home for 14 days. 

   5. Case A attended the following training sessions at SFL Performance Center.

  • 29/12/2020 (Tue) : 730pm to 830pm (4 pax clients, included Case A)

  • 31/12/2020 (Thu) : 8am to 9am  (2 pax clients, included Case A)

  • 2/1/2021 (Sat) : 9am to 10am  (3 pax clients, included Case A)

   6. SFL infomed all clients who had same sessions with Case on the above mentioned                 dates. They were advised to go for Covid-19 test , or they could wait for trainers’ result         for further action.

   7. A total of NINE (9) SFL trainers and staff went for Covid-19 test. 


6th Jan 2021 (Wed)

  1. 1:41pm: Texted Preparedness and Response Center (CPRC) for Covid-19 Prevention SOP as second opinion, after no one pick up from KKM hotline and CPRC hotline. 

  2. 2:06pm: Received Covid-19 result. All SFL trainers and staff are NEGATIVE.

  3. SFL trainers and staff continue to self-quarantine at home.


7th Jan 2021 (Thu )


  1. 3:00pm: Sanitization work by Cuckoo WonderKlean started.

  2. 3:22pm: CPRC replied: 

       If there is closed contact with a positive patient, it is not necessary for a person to be             positively covid. If within 7 - 14 days there are symptoms such as cough / cold / fever /         body aches / loss of senses / pain @ dizziness / shortness of breath, please take                   treatment and do a swab test. To do a swab test quickly, please do at a private clinic.


       Please do quarantine at home for 14 days starting from the date of closed contact.


       Please practice SOP at all times, ie do physical distancing, wear face mask and always         wash @ sanitize hands.

12th Jan 2021 (Tue)


  1. 2 staff went for 2nd test on 11th Jan(Mon), result on 12th Jan showed NEGATIVE.

  2. 8 remaining trainers and staff went for 2nd test today.

13th Jan 2021 (Wed)


  1. The test result of 8 remaining trainers and staff showed NEGATIVE.

15th Jan 2021 (FRI)


  1. The second test of Client 2 shows NEGATIVE

20th Jan 2021 (Wed)


  1. CASE A has received release letter from  Ministry of Health. 



5:31pm , 5th Jan 2021



1. SFL has informed and advised all clients who have the same sessions with CASE A for Covid-19 test and to perform self-quarantine at home.


2. ALL SFL trainers and staff will go for Covid-19 test on 5th Jan 2021 afternoon and will update SFL members and the public once we get the result. The test result will take 1-3days, but soonest will be on 6th Jan 2021.


3. ALL training sessions will be CANCELLED from today(5th Jan 2021) afternoon onwards until further notice.


4. SFL will be temporarily closed for sanitisation work based on the health authorities advise. We will resume the on site training until further notice. 


5. Online training can be arranged from NOW through WhatsApp until we are ready to resume the business. Please contact 


We do really appreciate the support and trust that you put on us and we promise to keep all SFL members and the public to be well informed on the status from time to time. 

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